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Snoballs aren't just fun, they can be elegant too!

Nola Weddings

Does your wedding need that New Orleans "flavor"? Want to keep your guests cool on the dance floor?

Have something everyone can enjoy, Nola Snow Snoballs!

And what's better than an open bar?

An open snow-bar!  Ask about our adult snoballs ("snow-tinis") or our sorbet like "sno shots"!

Traditional Wedding Packages

Something Old
Stick with tradition!
This package includes THREE of our basic flavors that everyone loves!
They're sure to be a hit at receptions and with children too!


Bubble Gum          Pink Lemonade    

Ice Cream              Sour Apple

Strawberry             Spearmint  

Something New​​

The clear choice for elegance! 


This package includes your choice
of THREE of the clear flavors below:


Clear Bubble Gum                                       

Clear Cherry                          Coconut

Clear Ice Cream                    Lemon Lime

Clear Spearmint                   Pina Colada

Clear Strawberry                                          


Premium Wedding Packages

Something Borrowed​​

Borrowing from yourself!

For this package, choose a combination of SIX flavors. Choose from the clear flavors and colored flavors for snoballs that correspond with YOUR wedding's color scheme!

(Clear flavors can be seen under "Something New")

Colored flavors by color scheme:


     Cherry              Cantaloupe               Kiwi            

  Cotton Candy        Orange              Sour Apple         Hawaiian                Peach               Spearmint    


     Raspberry              Banana                 Blueberry      
    Watermelon         Ice Cream           Bubble Gum    

    Pink Lemonade        Cake Batter           Grape                  

Pink Princess                                          King Cake        

Something Blue

Be the talk of the town!

This package has something for everyone! It includes SIX flavors. Choose THREE flavors from our clear and colored flavor list, and get our signature cream flavors.


Signature Cream Flavors:


Wedding Cake

Original Bridal Blue*
*This is Nola Snow's own creation,
 is ONLY available in this package!

Nola Snow Snoballs Wedding Snoball Catering

This fun-loving couple chose our unique take on a traditional snoball with our sno shots!  They're sure to make your special day stand out! 

[Pictured product: Wedding Cake Sno Shots]

Nola Snow Snoballs serves snoshots for a truly New Orleans wedding

This sweet couple chose our Something Blue package, and hand-selected both of their favorite flavors for their big day!

[Pictured Products: chocolate and ice cream snoballs]

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