Nola Snow Snoball in the Lemon-Lime Light
yeah, you see what we did there

Snoball Stand of the Day: Get Snoballs in Lakeview


The video [left] was from a segment done by WGNO for their Snoball Stand of the Day series. The video features Kelsey, one of Nola Snow Snoball's owners, who [at the time of the video] was also the general manager of the company. 
The short clip hints that snoball making is not just a job, but a passion, and even a way of life for the folks of Nola Snow!

The Wedding of Laura Cayouette to Andy Gallagher

Nola Snow catered Andy and Laura's wedding in 2014. The article describes this New Orleans wedding in great detail and talks of our Company with such sweetness: 

"At the end of our loop around the French Quarter down Royal Street and back via Bourbon Street, everyone was ready for our wedding cake-flavored sno-balls. Locally-owned and just-named 3rd “Best Hot Dog on the Planet” by High Times, Dreamy Weenies hosted our pre-wedding lunch and staging area. Far above the call of duty, they also allowed us to use their power and sidewalk for Nola Snowto serve sno-balls in a host of fabulous flavors. The Nola Snow folks been booked for the day but found a way to not only accommodate us, but treat us like family."

Must Try Snoball Stands in New Orleans

Nola Snow Snoballs was featured in an article by Eater New Orleans where they visited snoball stands around New Orleans. They visited both locations. The article has our 7040 Vicksburg Street location pictured with our other location's address for reference!

The Caramel Frappucci-sno

The article states: "The absolute gem of NOLA Snow is the Caramel Frappuccino snoball, which has a blend of flan and café au lait syrups and is stuffed with vanilla ice cream. The Caramel Frappuccino brings a brand-new concept to the table, and the vanilla ice cream functionally serves as the whipped cream on top. I heartily spoon-battled my friends for the majority of the stuffed treat." 
The flavor that always seems to get rave recognition was actually the innocent brain-child of one of our first employees. She, like many, is a chain-coffee-drink lover who was craving something unique, yet familiar when making her shift-treat. Thus, a star was born! 

This flavor is availble all season long, as well as all of the other featured Flavor of the Week items. Just ask an employee about our signature mixes!

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Laura and Andy

The bride and groom exchanging bites of their Wedding Cake... snoball, of course!

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